English Test for Diplomats and TICA Staff

The DVIFA has developed a new specialised test of English proficiency for diplomats and TICA staff.

Rationale of the Test
The test should be seen in the context of the Ministry’s vision of providing a world-class diplomatic service and ensuring that all MFA diplomatic and TICA staff therefore have an appropriately proficient knowledge of English.

Use of the Test
The results of the test will be used for career development purposes and for designing relevant language training programmes for MFA Diplomatic and TICA staff.

Scope of the Test and Results
The test provides a separate assessment of each of the four language skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking. The results will be expressed in terms of the Common European Framework of Reference.
What does this mean? The CEFR describes six levels of language proficiency. The current MFA test will target three of them:

  • B1, or Independent User: Intermediate
  • B2, or Independent User: Upper Intermediate
  • C1, or Proficient User: Advanced

Why use the CEFR? The CEFR is an internationally recognised framework of language descriptors that makes it easy to understand each test taker’s level in terms of reading, listening, writing and speaking abilities.
More information about the CEFR can be found by following one of these links:

Each test taker will receive one of four possible results (in each skill):

  • (Below B1)
  • B1
  • B2
  • C1

Target Test Takers
The test is intended for all diplomats and TICA officers.

Sample Tasks and Rating Scales

This website contains sample tasks for each skill. Keys and explanations of the answers are provided for reading and listening. Sample scripts and performances, grades and justifications, as well as rating scales, are provided for speaking and writing.