Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

Promoting Thailand’s Role on the Global Stage

                 The Government shall use the opportunity of Thailand’s Chairmanship of ASEAN for the year 2019 to promote the country’s role on the global stage so that Thailand can play a leading role in developing and fostering cooperation among countries to realise sustainable development, by undertaking the following measures:

                 Playing a constructive role in the region and on the global stage by conducting diplomatic relations with countries in the region and the wider international community in a balanced and stable manner on the basis of the principles of mutual trust, mutual respect and mutual benefit; emphasising the importance of strategic development partnerships and promoting Thailand’s constructive role on the global stage, as well as contributing to efforts to realise the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

                 Strengthening ASEAN solidarity in all aspects – political, economic, and socio-cultural – especially under Thailand’s ASEAN Chairmanship; advocating concrete cooperation among ASEAN Member States and between ASEAN and its Dialogue Partners to achieve sustainable development in accordance with the Chairmanship theme of “Advancing Partnership for Sustainability”; and enhancing ASEAN centrality in support of sustainable peace and progress in the region.

                 Promoting economic and cultural relations under various cooperation frameworks in order to open up opportunities in trade and investment, knowledge and innovation with countries that have potential and expertise in Europe, the Middle East and South Asia, among others; supporting business expansion in areas where Thai entrepreneurs have potential; enhancing cultural cooperation by promoting Thai uniqueness, identity, arts and culture, in order to gain wider recognition on the global stage.

                 Enhancing international cooperation in the area of security to address non-traditional threats such as cybersecurity, human trafficking, transnational crime, maritime safety and security, irregular migration and other transnational issues affecting the Thai people’s livelihood and human security.

                 Engaging in proactive diplomacy for the people to protect the interests of the Thai people, labour and private sector overseas, and to promote the role of Thai communities in upholding Thai interests abroad.

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